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Grupo Salta

Grupo Salta Educação is the largest K-12 education provider in Brazil. With 130k students across 178 schools and 22 brands, the group’s history begins in 2013 through a collaboration between a team of young educators and the Gera Capital management. They were driven by the goal of connecting a culture of excellence and social impact to provide high-quality and affordable education to children and young people nationwide. With strong, traditional, and innovative brands, Grupo Salta expands its mission with energy and passion. The group is structured into Schools, with 22 different brands, and LIV, a Social Emotional Learning curriculum.

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Edify Education

Edify Education offers various bilingual program options to ensure the best English teaching within your school. Currently with over 120k students in over 450 partner schools, Edify was founded in 2017 to provide quality and efficient English education in a country where only 5% of the population claims to speak the language. Through its solutions, Edify offers students increased exposure to the English language, while parents benefit from the cost-effectiveness of this model and the convenience of content and language integrated learning. Moreover, schools enhance their value proposition for parents, potentially leading to an increase in average monthly fees. In addition to comprehensive bilingual solutions, Edify also offers supplementary projects that enhance learning through immersive experiences.

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Grupo Vitus

Grupo Vitus comprises 12 orthopedic and traumatology clinics that not only assist patients in facing musculoskeletal challenges but also adopt a proactive approach, extending beyond treatment to prevention. Established in 1975 with the CREB clinic in Humaitá, Rio de Janeiro, its mission has always been to improve the quality of life for those dealing with pain in an aging country lacking adequate solutions for the elderly. To fulfill this mission, the group has been expanding its clinic network while maintaining a high standard of care across all locations. With efficient management and a careful eye, Vitus coordinates efforts to anticipate and address challenges, fostering healthy and lasting relationships among doctors, physiotherapists, patients, and healthcare providers.