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We are a management company with an entrepreneurial DNA, dedicated to investing in, creating, and developing growth companies.

We are Gera Capital

Our purpose is to develop growth companies, leveraging our extensive management experience, profound commitment to our invested sectors, and active engagement with the companies. This approach consistently delivers significant returns for our investors. 

With over 10 years of experience and R$1 billion invested, Gera Capital is a Brazilian asset management firm committed to maximizing the long-term value of its businesses. 


Investment Philosophy

We seek growing businesses led by exceptional entrepreneurs who address significant market needs and have solid foundations and strong competitive advantages.

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We carefully select our companies and manage our portfolio with focus, allowing us to devote singular attention to each venture and work closely with their leadership. In the past, we concentrated investments in Education and Health, and today we are attentive to opportunities in various sectors, seeking to explore new horizons in pursuit of promising businesses. With a long-term mindset, we are always eager to meet exceptional new entrepreneurs.


How We Operate

We are entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs. We understand the challenges of scaling a company and we work to rapidly grow businesses. In addition to improving topline growth, we attract, nurture, and retain talent, foster strong governance, and drive innovation.

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Executive Team

Founded by Duda Falcão and Rafaela Dantas, our executive team consists of professionals with extensive knowledge of the Brazilian market and expertise in both financial and corporate domains.